So,Which one's your Favorite?

Greetings Caribbean Lovers! 

Ready for an Epic Adventure? 

Join Us as we:

Work like Coaches!

Get Paid like CEOS!

Party like Rock Stars!

Watch this video 1st

Join our group of committed professionals looking to spread opportunity throughout the Caribbean. The Islanders need growth-hack type training in digital marketing and tourism promotion

Our Mission? Provide the Caribbean Islanders with training in Digital Marketing so they can earn a great living on their own islands.

I'm Mark Armstrong. I'm an "un-retired" Entrepreneur building a crew of committed professionals looking to spread opportunity throughout the Caribbean.

People say, Mark, are you crazy for wanting to do this? 

Not Crazy at all. I see a LOT of opportunity. All it takes is the right this kid, the future of the Caribbean, demonstrates.

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My Plan is to teach Islanders how to work on Web Development, Social Media Marketing & Tourism promotion for their local Tourism industry. Tourism drives the Caribbean Economy.

The islands would get more publicity. The hotels would sell more rooms, and the trickle-down effect for the rest of the population would lift everyone. So, a win for everyone involved. Including you, if youare selected to be part of the Crew I'm bringing on board.

Welcome to Your Most Exciting Fantasy... While Helping Others for a good cause.

We are cooking up some Epic Badassery in the Caribbean for 2017. Learn how you can be a Partner with us.

It's a "Pirate Theme." Your "device" aka, PC, Laptop, Phone is your "ship."

By "joining forces" as we target each island together, we create an armada of power that will increase the buzz for that Island's businesses like they have never experienced before.

3 things we’re gonna get done.

1. Work like Coaches. Teach the Young Islanders. Give them our knowledge about Digital & Social Media Marketing. Then unleash their new marketing know-how on the Island’s Hotels, Resorts & other businesses.

2. As one of our certified Coaches, you’ll get paid like a CEO & share in the profits coming from the island you manage.

3. You'll Party like a RockStar on some of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

The map below shows how I've covered the #Caribbean, The BEST of the Caribbean with The "BEST of "Domain names. All domains start with "Best of" Every island and country that touches the Caribbean.

Remember this photo next time you are sitting in traffic
Click photo to see the platform we are using

Imagine leading a "LapTop Lifestyle" working from the most beautiful places on earth-whenever you feel like it.


This New Pivot Speeds Up Implemantation of the Plan

Watch This Short Clip for an Overview

We have developed a Tourism Marketing Program using the free, Open Source Elementor WordPress Software Program.

So, we no longer have to spend hundreds of thousand of dollars to equip each island's Training Tech Centers!

That means we can move fast & spread our teams over the entire Caribbean rapidly.

We are developing training programs that the Islanders will have access to Online.

Upon completion, they will earn money as our digital agents, selling our services to the local tourism businesses.

Click on the red triangle of your favorite island and watch their Island Video.

WHY all of this?

Most people don't realize that Islanders have to leave their Families, Friends & Tropical Roots and go to places like Miami, New York, London etc to get a job. 

Island unemployment is sky high.

Because most Islanders are Black and are not aware of city life, they end up driving Taxis, cleaning toilets or doing landscaping. The cost of living for them becomes very high in their new city and there's little left to send back to their families at home. 


KA$H & KARMA! What could be better than that?

Our "Territory." The Caribbean Sea. More than 1 million Sq. Miles. LOTS of Opportunity to make YOUR Fortune as one of my Partners, while we train the Caribbean Islanders how to earn a good living from their homes.


Unlimited SEO Possibilities-LOOK!

A simple Google Search  for "Best of Caribbean"finds about 17,200,000 results in (0.77 seconds).

Anguilla's population is ONLY 15,094. About 50,000 Tourists visit Anguilla annually.  Yet, it has MORE Than Twenty-Nine MILLION hits from Google. 29 Million!!! 

Look at this! Just one tiny Island, Anguilla, has MORE hits from Google for "Best Of" than the ENTIRE Caribbean!

(have you ever even heard of "Anguilla" before?)

Tiny Aruba, part of the ABC Island chain has a population of ONLY 102,911, yet has SEVENTEEN MILLION Hits for "Best of" on Google.

1.5 million tourists per year visit Aruba, with nearly 60% of those from the United States

But, if you search each island using "Best of (that island) More than 1 billion hits combine. That's Billion with a "B"! 

That's why I assembled this business plan. I knew it could end ranking in Google. Plus, I get the satisfaction of helping others who need help the most-The Caribbean Islanders.

You get the picture? You can do more searches on these if you're still not convinced. This is  HUGE!

It was always a dream of mine to work in paradise as a Coach to the Islanders, get paid like a CEO  "Party like a Rockstar."

Maybe this could be your dream, too. Or better yet, join my crew and turn your dream into reality.

Partner with us and change lives, including your own.